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We are Coding Corner

We are creative digital agency from thane, mumbai area. We providing a comprehensive suite of services for your online strategy.
Coding Corner
Web Design, Web Development and Digital Markenting Company in Thane, India

Coding Corner is a coding and branding platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. Coding Corner’s platform makes it easy to design, develop, publish, promote, and sell professional-quality websites, software, mobile apps & digital marketing.

Coding Corner was founded by Kimantu Omble-Sarkar in 2000, and includes a team of coding, graphics and branding professionals who share a passion for helping people bring their dreams to life. Coding Corner have created limited but quality websites, apps, media using our full suite of creative business tools, and today a new application is created every month. Coding Corner is based in Thane with franchises in top cities of Maharashtra.


Classic, Elegant & Innovative
We design dreams, draw ideas, establish brands to boost business.

Our Offer
  • Mobile & Website Design
  • Creative Logos & Graphics
  • Corporate Level Professional Appeal
  • Wordpress & Microsite Design
  • Full Custom & Responsive Design
  • Website ReDesign
  • Animation & Special Effects
  • UI/UX Ultra Light Design
  • Short Films & Documentries
  • Template Design
  • Newsletter/Emailer Design

Concept Driven, Interactive & Scalable
Web, Mobile, Graphic application development for your business.

Our Offer
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Database Design & Optimization
  • E-Coommerce Development
  • Content Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Manangement
  • Online Payment Getway
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Customer Relationship Management

Precise Moderate Strategic
Improve your website, attract more clients and increase revenue.

Our Offer
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Mobile App Advertising
  • Creative Services
  • Product Branding
  • PR & Promotion
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Degital Marketing
  • Media Planning
  • Media Literacy
  • Publication Consulting

Our Services

Coding Corner offers a range of creative services suited to your needs.
We deliver complete digital services under one roof.
Design Your Desire
Website Design

Today 70% of the Business leads are generated from Online Search. Creating the best website for your business is our priority.

Design Your Desire
Software Development

Be able to stay updated and ahead of your competitors by using our browser based customized software applications.

Design Your Desire
Mobile App Design

If you think that Mobile App is only for Flipkart and SBI then you are wrong! Your business may need to follow the Mobile Trend.

Design Your Desire
Graphic Design

Graphic Design is important to develop a company’s brand identity offline and online. We are creative and also practical in our approach.

Design Your Desire
Audio-Video Editing

Work with professional producers to create quality digital media editing for your videos and multimedia projects.

Design Your Desire
Digital Marketing

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make. We don't make marketing, what we do is impression.

Our Work

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Our Agency in numbers

Consultancy & Solution
Website & Graphic Design
Apps & Software Development
Branding & Promotion

How We Work?

An business idea is a starting point for any current or future entrepreneurs. It’s important because present the beginning of a new life. A business idea is important because it will help your company want to achieve something. If you do not have ideas, it is going to be almost impossible for the business to grow.
First Meeting
A well-planned kickoff meeting sets the tone for a successful project Your team's first impression of a project can set the tone for success or failure. Your first project meeting is an opportunity to share your plan for leading the project to a successful completion. Conclusion of first meeting does matter much.
In any industry, the importance of creative brainstorming often takes center stage before you begin a major project, take on a new client, or solve an important internal or external challenge. Regardless of the situation, creative brainstorming can be used to any company’s advantage.
A prototype is worth a thousand words. Design isn’t just how it looks, Design is how it works. The days of static sitemaps and/or wireframes as being the only prep steps you take before diving head first into site design are gone and hopefully forgotten. So the importance of building interactive prototypes.
The Importance of Project Planning and Design in Moving toward Sustainability. Successful projects, particularly big budget ones, were not developed overnight. These projects have undergone several stages. Missing any one stage may cause disastrous effects on the projects leading to project delivery failure.
Development is a full fledged process that includes a number of activities. Project planning can encompass project goals, project tasks, and the development of a project schedule. All three aspects contribute heavily to the success of a project. Project and development management are so vital when developing business.

Thought is the Sound of future.
What's in your Thought?

Kimantu Omble-Sarkar

Founder & CEO at Coding Corner

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