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How Team Work?

Common Goal
A shared mission can help a group of people work together and create enthusiasm. When everyone is using their own abilities to work toward a common goal, the result is greater than the efforts of a single person. In a strong team, the good of the common goal comes before the individual preferences and interests of the members. The goal also contributes to a smooth operation; the team can resolve problems and disagreements by determining what is best for the team and the end goal.
One of the most important characteristics of a good team is open communication. Each team member must be able to communicate with the rest of the group for project updates, questions, ideas and general input. A team that encourages open communication allows everyone to be able to share their ideas and opinions without fear.
Teamwork requires effective collaboration; each person must figure out how her skills and talents fit with those of the other team members. For a team to work, everyone must understand what their role is and how to use it to contribute to the team's success. Depending on the team, the roles might be as simple as providing support and morale; a well-functioning team uses each person's complementary skill sets. Each member of the team should understand that everyone's part in the project is equally valid.
For a team to be a comfortable and safe place for all members, each person must respect everyone else. Members should respect every aspect of other members, though they may not agree with it: ideas, communication abilities, background, religion, work style and cultural traditions. Because a great team requires open communication, respect can create the trust that will allow members to be vulnerable.
Problem Solving
An effective team must develop its own strategy of problem solving and conflict management. The strategy will differ from team to team based on the situation and the individual members; the individual team must work out the problem-solving methods that work best for it. When your team members can work through roadblocks together, the team will be able to work smoothly even during rough times.
Decision Making
A team has a hierarchy and a built-in decision-making system that helps it to react quickly and effectively to all situations. The members of the group are respected for their various areas of expertise, and the leader of the group has developed the ability to obtain the group members' opinions to formulate the group's response. This applies to decisions made within the group ranging from resolving internal conflict to a potential change in group leadership.

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